Adirondack Fall Classic

We want to thank all of the players in this past weekends junior tournament for making it such a great event and we want to congratulate the winners:


BOYS 10 SINGLES          Matthew Ricciardelli                      Ronan Jachuck

BOYS 12 SINGLES          Lars Olson                                            Michael Haelen

BOYS 14 SINGLES          Youssef Rajia                                      Mathew Bunch

BOYS 16 SINGLES          Ethan Long                                          Connor Ameres

BOYS 18 SINGLES          Dylan Scott                                          Taylor Whitcomb

GIRLS 12 SINGLES        Hannah Friend                                    Naveena Attota

GIRLS 14 SINGLES        Anna Steciuk                                       Veronica Gaspar

GIRLS 16 SINGLES        Emily Ellis                                             Julia Guignard

BOYS 14 DOUBLES WINNERS       Anthony O’Connell/Peter Campito

GIRLS 14 DOUBLES WINNERS     Anna Steciuk/Lauren Demetreus



One response

  1. Good job putting this tournament on. I’m
    sure you put a lot of hours into it.

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