Indoor Tennis

Capital Region Tennis & Fitness

What do a closed health club and a closed hotel have in common and what do they have to do with indoor tennis?

The Adirondack Nautilus in Queensbury is now owned by Lou Pellino and is now located in Glens Falls. When the Nautilus moved out of their long time location on Glenwood Avenue it spelled the end of the Glenwood Tennis Center (formerly Queensbury Racquet Club).  The tennis club does not generate enough revenue to support the desk staff – they previously split the cost of support staff with the Nautilus.  That’s not to say that there won’t be tennis there in the Fall.  A new architectural plan which retains the tennis courts is being worked on, but no  lease agreement has been presented nor will there be a proposal until the plan is approved and priced out.  Stay tuned.

In Albany the problem is a hotel.  Capital Region Tennis & Fitness and Regency Inn & Suites sit on a parcel of land owned by and leased from Jack Dennis.  The hotel has been closed for 5 months since a flood knocked out power in February and needs approvals to reopen.  In the meantime, the owners of the club & hotel have no plans to close the club.  The club is still selling full year fitness memberships and seasonal court time contracts for next year.

Glenwood Tennis Center

In the case of the Glenwood Tennis Center/Queensbury Racquet Club there have been rumors for the past three years, not that the club was closing, but that the club had actually closed.  It all brings to mind a famous quote from Mark Twain when his obituary appeared in the New York Journal – “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”

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