From Cairo to Cambodia: How tennis is gunning for world domination

(CNN) — It is a move the tennis world hopes will have as much impact on the court as a bullet-like passing shot from Roger Federer or a fierce smash from Serena Williams.

By decreeing that all competitions for kids under ten be played on smaller courts, with lighter rackets and slower balls, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has signaled its intention to copy the likes of soccer, baseball and basketball when it comes to getting youngsters hooked on the sport.

Like a little league match or five-a-side clash, the game’s governing body is desperate to create an “explosion” of interest among youngsters and make tennis more accessible to potential stars of the future across the globe.

And while aping the approach of their sporting cousins is the immediate goal — overtaking them is most definitely the long term aim.

“It’s going to be a whole new ball game,” Kurt Kamperman, the chief executive of Community Tennis at the United States Tennis Association, told CNN.

“I think this really will help create a huge explosion in new kids who choose this ahead of other sports. Very few other sports have young kids play on the same size fields as adults.

“With these balls and this equipment you can play anywhere. The balls are so slow that you don’t need a lot of instruction to play. It can be spontaneous.

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