Tennis Betting

Okay, I never thought I would be writing this but there is actually a website call “Free Tennis Betting Tips“.  I was always aware of the fact that the British allowed betting on tennis but I never realized that it was that widespread. They also have a Facebook Page and of course there is a blog called “The Tennis Tipster.”

But wait, there’s more.

The Online Betting Guide – Free Tennis Tips

Bet Tennis – Where they still advertise their 2011 online special.  “Get all of our Australian Open picks for $80”  (I think I can predict the winners for the 2011 Australian Open and I’ll do it for $50).

Tennisbettingtips.orgwhere their latest blogpost is –The secret to a 97% win rate” – (I bet it has something to do with betting on Nadal after the semi finals when he’s not playing Federer in the finals – just a guess).

Bettennisonline.comThe web site that starts out with this gem “If you’re going to bet on tennis you will need to make sure you know a little something about the players so you will be able to find profitable match-ups.” But wait, there’s more surprising knowledge here. “One of the important factors when betting on tennis is to know what surface the players will be playing on.”  “Tennis players often are very streaky so you generally won’t get a good impression of how the player is playing at a given time by looking at their overall stats.”  “Grand Slam tournaments are easily the most watched events in tennis and they also are the most wagered on events in tennis.”  “Know the players you’re betting on.” Anyone who needs to be told these things is probably not quite ready to bet on tennis.

There are lots of other sports betting sites with tennis tips and more tennis betting tip sites such as, tennisbettingsecrets, tennistips (yes, it’s betting tips, not tips on how to hit a better forehand).

Now I can understand why some people suspect that a player who does not play his or her best may be getting paid off to tank.  One thing I could not find out is how much money is actually being bet on tennis at the London Bookmakers.  I am assuming it’s a fair amout of money if there are all these sites out there.

There is even Youtube video’s about tennis betting.

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