President’s Week Junior Tournament

This week marks the first tournament in the section where you can play singles, doubles and with a full feed in consolation round that is not a Sectional Championship (although the doubles does count towards National Rankings). To do this we combined what used to be the President’s Cup Singles tournament with what used to be the McEnroe Cup Doubles. Last years version of these two tournaments got 44 unique entrants, this years combined tournament drew 76 unique entrants. I think the experiment was a success. Today we played the Boy’s 16’s and Boy’s 12’s as well as Girl’s 12’s. We crowned our first singles champion (Girl’s 12 Sera Satkowski) and two doubles champions (Anjor Tripathi/Karl Poling in the Boy’s 12’s and Lucas Pickering/Win Smith in the Boy’s 16’s). While this one tournament is the test drive for the concept, I am hoping we can use it for at least two more tournaments this summer. Keep it here for more results from the President’s Cup Tournament.

CLICK HERE For the Draws


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