Men’s Tennis: Ranking the Top 18 Forehands from 2000–2010

A slideshow featuring the authors opinion on the best Mens Forehands of the past decade.  See if you agree.

Few parts of any tennis game come as naturally as the forehand. Not everybody, of course, will have a huge forehand, but it is undeniable that it is by far the easiest shot to hit. It requires the fewest extra technical movements, as compared to the backhand, serve or volley—the forehand volley included.

In the hands of some players, the forehand has become devastating, an offensive shot par excellence. No other decade has seen such a proliferation of power-play; the forehand, while being the easiest shot, can now most easily become the shot with the easiest power, with the racket technologies available to players.

Nonetheless, there are stylistic variations among players, and some hit the forehand differently. The following list will contain players of varying styles, no doubt, but all are united by one commonality—their forehands have wreaked havoc on court.

CLICK HERE for the Slideshow


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