Junior Summer Tournament Circuit Winners

Congratulations to Ronan Jachuck  and Courtney Provan, winners of the Summer Circuit Challenge. The circuit consists of 6 tournaments played at Capital Region Tennis & Fitness, Colonie Golf and Country Club, Queensbury and Emma Willard.  The winners are determined by the amount of points players earn in these tournaments.  Points are based on the USTA Eastern point tables.  Going into the final tournament of the season, Ronan and Courtney have leads that exceed the number of points up for grabs in the last tournament.

Ronan is the #1 ranked player in the Eastern Section in the 10 and under age group.  In singles, he won the Queensbury Level 1 tournament in August, as well as the Memorial Day Weekend tournament at Capital Region.  Ronan was runner up at the July Queensbury Level 1 and was also winner of the doubles in all three events.  Ronan has had a busy summer.  In July, he won the Eastern Sectional Little Mo event, in August he won the Northeastern Regional Little Mo event.  In October he will compete in the Little Mo National event.  In addition, Ronan has started to play 12 and unders (actually, he competed in 12 and under’s in all of our tournaments).  His 12 and under ranking is 58th in the Eastern Section.  His ranking will be better on the next ranking list due to his latest tournament results and is likely to continue to improve as he plays more 12 and under tournaments.

  Courtney keeps coming back up here and winning.  She is a fierce competitor.  Courtney also showed she can come from behind in her last tournament.  Her ranking of #26 in the Girls 14’s is somewhat deceptive.  She actually aged up recently and she was ranked 4th in the 12’s.  Nationally, Courtney was ranked 57th in the 12’s.  Courtney is off to a good start in the 14’s.  Look for continued success on the tennis court.

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