Christian Website Compares Roger Federer to Satan

This just in from the “DROP SHOT DISPATCH” Blog

An opinion piece in the Christian Post compared Roger Federer to Satan and Novak Djokovic to Jesus Christ in their 2011 US Openmatch.

A few excerpts:

“It makes me think of the stunned disbelief that Satan found himself in when Jesus showed up at his doorstep after His victory on the cross. Satan must have been thinking, ‘How does He play a shot like that on match point?’”

“As Satan was just starting to find out, he was the loser who had choked and Jesus had ‘joked’ by hitting the biggest shot this universe will ever witness. The joke was on Satan. He lost, and Jesus reigns forevermore.”

“Memo to Satan: Get over it. You have been defeated.”

You can read the full, unintentionally hilarious piece here.

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