Girls High School Sectionals-Day 1

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When the Girls get to Central Park for Individual Sectionals- the first thing is “Where do we put the tent?”  Girls High School Tennis Sectionals is a tournament, a social event and a team event.  Each team is allowed to bring two singles players and two doubles teams to compete.  Many schools bring the rest of the team to watch.  As a spectator, the first thing you see, is all those tents and all those people – coaches, parents, teammates, bus drivers, teaching pro’s and of course, the players.

Today’s Girls High School Sectionals featured some upsets and some predictable results.  In the singles, the only unseeded player left is Samantha Blond of Emma Willard.  In the first round there were no upsets.  Of course all of the seeds had first round byes.

The players who won their first round matches were: Kasia Geiger (Icabod Crane); Katie Vogel (Averill Park); Lauren Burton (Shenedahowa); Marie Visker (Burnt Hills); Rachel Fields (Schenectady); Olivia Marola (Scotia); Sam Fitzgerald (Bethlehem); Kaitlin Flaherty (Queensbury); Brianna Stokes (Coxsackie); Emma Morrissey (Glens Falls); Denise Croote (Ballston Spa); Caroline Horgan (Saratoga); Erin Duffy (Maple Hill); Samantha Blond (Emma Willard); Christine Arnold (South Glens Falls); Lauren McVanery (Shenedahowa); Elizabeth Selkis (Catholic Central); Amanda Geiger (Icabod Crane); Jayne Ryan (Holy Names); Genna Brophy (Greenwich); Gwen LaVash (Colonie); Gina Hannah (Ballston Spa); Kathryn Martin (Scotia); Christiana Johnson (Amsterdam).

Second Round winners were: Cat Crummey Shaker-(top seed); Lauren Burton; Hannah Friend (Holy Names – #8 seed); Rachel Fields; Claire Schmitz (Emma Willard – #4 seed); Kaitlin Flaherty; Jamie Rosen (Bethlehem – #5 seed); Caroline Horgan; Samantha Blond; Nicole Kellogg (Burnt Hills – #6 seed); Lauren Mulvaney; Catherine Jenkins (Shaker – #3 seed); Genna Brophy; Mia DiCaprio (Albany Academy – #7 seed); Gina Hannah; Gaby Peda (Guilderland – #2 seed).

There are eight (8) players remaining in the singles draw.  They are: Cat Crummey, Gaby Peda, Catherine Jenkins, Claire Schmitz, Jamie Rosen, Samantha Blond, Hannah Friend, Mia DiCaprio.

In the doubles – Alisa White and Lauren Nardacci of Bethlehem had to play in the preliminary round as an unseeded team but are still alive in the Main Draw.  The other winners in the preliminary round were Gabrielle Kenney/Jennifer Paris (North Warren); lauren Demetreus/Anna Steciuk (Ballston Spa); Melissa Froats/ Nia O’Connor (Queensbury) and Nette Brocks/Lauren Almy (Columbia)

In the first round the winners were Chassidy King/Keishora Armstrong (Emma Willard – top seed); Natasha Hale/Amandu Guyer (Burnt Hills); Sydney Metzold/Emily Torre (Schalmont); Maxine Petrosino/Veronica Marsch (Amsterdam); Christina Lee/Carrianna Voelim (Albany Academy – #8 seed); Carly Rippel/Freida McEacheen (Chatham); Jessica Marinstein/liza Malloy (Guilderland – #10 seed); Erica Portelli/Molly Davis (Albany HS); Emily Laurilliard/Ann Phillips (Niskayuna – #4 seed); Maddy cardona/Grace Hurley (Holy Names); Kaitlyn Healy/Andrea Brenner (Shenedahowa – #12 seed); Ficcretta/Emily Parrish (Saratoga); Angela Wang/Emily Eruysal (Shaker – #5 seed);Briana Turner/Courtney Benoit (Colonie); Gabrielle Kenney/Jennifer Paris; Alisa White/Lauren Nardacci; Nette Brocks/Lauren Almy; Nisha Detchprohm/Alyssa Frost (Niskayuna) upset the #9 seed in the first round; Madison Gemerek/Aubrey Hodnett (Ballston Spa); Jennifer Lucious/Nadia Suguitan (Shenedahowa – #6 seed); Rebecca Pacuk/Allison Wichaud (Coxsackie); Sally O’Toole/Emily Mack (Holy Names – 13th seed); Liz Batchelder/Meghan Heck (Burnt Hills); Molly O’Connor/Mia Fallati (Shaker – #3 seed); Courtney Bush/Olivia Tripodi (Catholic Central); Monica Chappidi/Kayla Gallelli (Guilderland – #11 seed); Andrea Kim/Shelby Sheridan (Colonie); Margaret Oppenheim/Catherine Maccormick (Saratoga – #7 seed);  Daryna Ryan/Samantha Torre (Schalmont); Taylor West/Ashley Becker (Albany Academy – #14 seed); Colleen McLaughlin/Jes Briere (Scotia); Mitali Das/Molly Goodman (Emma Willard – #2 seed)

Second Round winners were: Chassidy King/Keishora Armstrong; Maxine Petrosino/Veronica Marsch; Christina Lee/Carrianna Voelim; Jessica Marinstein/liza Malloy; Emily Laurilliard/Ann Phillips; Kaitlyn Healy/Andrea Brenner; Angela Wang/Emily Eruysa; Alisa White/Lauren Nardacci; Nisha Detchprohm/Alyssa Frost; Jennifer Lucious/Nadia Suguitan; Sally O’Toole/Emily Mack; O’Connor/Mia Fallati; Monica Chappidi/Kayla Gallelli; Margaret Oppenheim/Catherine Maccormick; Taylor West/Ashley Becker; Mitali Das/Molly Goodman

The remaining doubles teams are: Chassidy King/Keishorea Armstrong, Jessica Marinstein/Liza Malloy, Emily Laurilliard/Ann Phillips, Alisa White/Lauren Nardacci, Alyssa Frost/Nisha Detchprohm, Mallery O’Connor/Miz Fallati, Margaret Oppenheim/Catherine Maccormick, Mitali Das/Molly Goodman

Play continues tomorrow (weather permitting) at 2:00 at Central Park.  Semi Finals will be Monday at3:00 at Sportime, Finals and 3/4 playoffs will be Tuesday at 3:00 at Sportime.


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