What are you Looking At

People get to the Adirondack Tennis blog in a variety of different ways.  One way that people find us is by doing a search engine search.  Whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing or any one of the hundreds or even thousands of web search engines, we have a report that covers all of them combined.  It’s interesting to see what people are looking for when they find us.  In other words, what did they search for.

As you can imagine, some of the searches are pretty straight forward.  Players, their friends, opponents and family search for their name and find something in our blog.  It could be Ronan Jachuck (a 10 and under boy) or it could be Cat Crummey (an 18 and under girl) – or it could be anyone in between.  In recent weeks, there have been quite a few searches for Halloween tennis and tennis costumes.  The search that has led the highest amount of people to the blog in the past week is WTA Istanbul – no surprise since we did an article on the Istanbul tournament this past week.  Meanwhile, US twirling logo searches have resulted in people finding our blog 4 times this past week.  We did a posting on the different USTA tennis logo’s and we included examples of USTA logo’s that were not from the United States Tennis Asociation – hence we show up in a search for the United States Twirling Association.  In case you are wondering, the United States Twirling Association is a baton twirling group, not a spaghetti twirling group but you probably figured that out.  Of course searches for adirondack tennis have resulted in people finding our blog which makes sense since it is the first thing that shows up in a web search for those terms.  One of the best searches that resulted in a hit on our blog this week was “I dont want to play high school tennis”.  The people who searched for “section v tennis girls sectionals”  were probably disappointed with what they found – we are in section II, not section V and my blog does not have section V results or draws.  So what’s the all time highest search term – Adirondack tennis, of course.  But surprisingly, Dubai tennis is a close second. Below are links to some of the posts that resulted in the searches finding our web site (don’t ask me what page “I dont want to play high school tennis” landed on, it could be any high school tennis update). By rthe way – my favorite? “Peter Green tennis” –  of course.

October Results for Local Junior Players

Little Mo Nationals

Girls Sectionals – Day 2

Girls High School Sectionals – Day 1

WTA Images for Istanbul – Marvelous and Mistakes

Rafael Nadal – Family Crisis Destroyed my Body and Soul

Dubai Heliport – The Video

USTA Logo’s



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