FedEx – No Not that FedEx

FedEx now = “Federer Express

This article is from the Tennis-X Blog – CLICK HERE

The man who has everything now has a freaking train. That’s right. Roger Federer just got a train in his name today during a special ceremony in Basel.

“I have never named a locomotive before, let alone one bearing my own name,” Federer said.

Federer gave his name and image to Nationale Suisse for which he also serves as their brand ambassador. And for every KM travelled by the “Federer Express”, Nationale Suisse will make a donation toward the Roger Federer Foundation.

“Our passengers are world champions in rail travel,” Jeannine Pilloud, Head of the Passenger Division at SBB railways. “Now they can look forward to meeting Roger Federer, the best tennis player of all time, on all inter-city routes.”

How many athletes or celebrities have had a locomotive in their name? I can’t think of one. I’ve seen cars and buses, but not trains.

Federer is in Basel preparing for his return to tennis Monday night. He’ll join Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray in a loaded field.
WARNING: The video is in German.

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