Emotional Toughness in Tennis with Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore

The “Peak Performance Sports Blog” recently had an article and interview on tennis.  This is the article but the real key is in the interview which you have to go to the page to hear the interview.  NOTE: The entire interview is only available by purchasing it from Peak Sports but there is a good size piece of the interview here.

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, interviews coach Jeff Moore. During his 23 year career at the University of Texas, Jeff’s Longhorn Women’s Tennis Teams won 2 NCAA Championships, appeared in 2 NCAA finals, advanced to the Final Four 3 times, reached the Elite Eight 3 times, and won 18 conference titles.

Dr. Patrick Cohen

Jeff Moore and Dr. Cohn talk about the mental dynamic of practice, emotional toughness, and how to design practice for physical, mental, and emotional stress. This way athletes create a positive transfer from practice to competition.

Listen to this month’s sports psychology podcast to learn how to improve your performance in sports and other mental game barriers that limit your performance.

CLICK HERE – For the article and to listen to the interview

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