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What does the perfect tennis parent look like?  Is there a such thing?  I started pondering this question a few years ago when I would hear coaches and tournament officials complaining about what a pain in the neck we parents can be.  I don’t disagree with that assessment because I’m sure that sometimes we CAN be a pain, especially when it comes to our precious children.  But, what are coaches looking for from us???  And what are our tennis-playing children looking for from us???

I hear from coaches all the time that they wish we parents would drop off our kids at drills/lessons then LEAVE.  Don’t hang out court-side, don’t interject commentary, and for goodness sake, don’t help pick up balls.  Why?  Because that’s often the time the coach uses to have a one-on-one chat with the player, getting some insight about what’s working and what’s not, and if we’re on the court, too, well, it interferes with what the coach is trying to accomplish.  Who knew???  I always thought I was being so helpful by picking up balls!  Turns out, I’m actually doing my kid a DISservice!

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