More on Cheating

I received a few comments on the recent article on cheating:

 I think it’s important that players don’t label their opponent’s cheaters just because of a bad call or two; not seeing a ball clearly is not the same as cheating.  I think that label leads a player down a negative path which won’t be good for the rest of the match. Andy Schechter – Tri City Tennis

Those “cheated” points only account for a small percentage of the points lost during a match.  Win more of the other points by reducing unforced errors or by not hitting to your opponent’s forehand or by not double-faulting.  I let them vent a little about the cheating, but then I quickly refocus them onto what they can control.  And controlling their emotions need to be at the top of the list…
Once they’ve lost their composure, it’s very hard to get it back.  It’s usually during practice the next day that I can revisit the match and begin to get my player to think differently about what happened.  I begin with the premise that “you can’t do anything about your opponent’s line calls, so what can you do about your own game?” – Roger Fedele – Queensbury Girls and Boys Tennis Coach

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