USTA Competition Training Center

2011 CTC Rally at West Point

The Competition Training Center (CTC) program is designed to get junior tennis players from different clubs and different programs together.  Acceptance is based on a tryout.  To qualify, a player must be 13 or younger until May of 2012; play USTA tournaments or Junior Team Tennis and tryout.  Tryout results are based on match play.  The CTC players meet regularly during the season at different clubs in the Northern Region (Sportime, Capital Region and Paragon).  At the end of the season, all of the CTC throughout the Eastern Section get together for a one day team vs. team rally.  This past Spring, the rally was held at West Point.  The week before that the Northern Region CTC and the Western Region (Syracuse/Rochester) CTC’s got together for some extra match play.  This years CTC players are:

Damian Bruce

Curtis Farmer

Jonathan Frutschy

Kevin Gu

Matthew Jonas

David Kalmer

Tadd Long

Gaby Neven

Preston Paige

Tiffany Paige

Pierce Snyder

Elise Wagle

Evan Wagle

Edwin Yang

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