Domingo Montes – Northern Regional Volunteer of the Year

It’s Saturday and Domingo’s day starts around 8:30 am when he starts the 15-LOVE programs for the day.  There will be lessons and team tennis matches all day at clubs throughout the Capital Region with the last match ending at 8:30 pm.  After that, Domingo still has to bring the kids home.  It’s been a long day for the kids, but an even longer day for Domingo.  He has spent over 12 hours as a teacher, a coach, a mentor and a chauffeur.  If it wasn’t for Domingo, some of these kids would not be able to play tennis.  On school days he starts at 7:00 am.  Most people think of 15-LOVE as a tennis program.  It is really a mentoring program that uses tennis as a tool.  I have know Domingo since he was a kid playing team tennis against my teams.  He has always been a good and fair competitor.  Domingo is the perfect person to teach these same skills to the next generation.

Domingo Montes, 15-LOVE’s Program Director, has been a part of 15-LOVE family since the age of 12. Domingo started as a participant at Lincoln Park in Albany. In 1994, Domingo became one of the first members of the 15-LOVE Excellence Program. Domingo attended Albany High School and played 4 years for the varsity tennis. During his senior year, Domingo would team up with fellow 15-LOVE participant and Albany High School classmate, Nithin Raikar, to win the Big 10 Doubles Title.

Seven Operating Themes of 15-LOVE

– To stress education
– To promote good health (both emotional and physical)
– To instill positive values
– To foster multi-cultural relationships
– To encourage good sportsmanship
– To support family preservation
– To give back in the community

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