Should you exercise when you are sick?

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The article was written by Dr. A. Mark Harrison of Triathlete Magazine

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 Adhering to the following recommendations may help you recover faster and could even save your life.

1. Never exercise with a fever, lower respiratory tract infection, or symptoms of systemic illness (muscle aches, chills, malaise, etc.).

2. Do not ignore symptoms that could be attributable to the heart, including shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, fainting, chest pain or lightheadedness. See a doctor immediately if you have any question about the health of your heart.

3. Remember to have reasonable and lowered performance expectations after you’ve been ill.

4. Listen to your body and practice restraint. Wait to resume training until your motivation and health have completely returned. You have only one body, take care of it.

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Unfortunately, you can’t even lose body fat while you are sick, as fat metabolism is impaired during infections. This causes the sick person to rely more heavily on muscle as an energy source than it normally would during times of physical stress (e.g., starvation or heavy training). So any weight loss during a febrile illness is generally lean muscle mass.

There is a lot more to the article.  To read the entire article – CLICK HERE

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