Changes in the Point System for National Tournaments – A Commentary

This is an excerpt from an article that appeared in “Long Island Tennis” magazine.

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Significant National Point System Changes In 2012

Blog | November 23, 2011 | By Ricky Becker
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If you plan on aging up in 2012 naionally, all I could say is “good luck.”  Points have been drastically reduced for all national level tournaments except for the quarterfinals on in SuperNationals.This includes national points distributed at USTA/Eastern Sectional Tournaments. Last year if you win, lose and lose at a Level 4 sectional, you got 53-national points, this year you get 12.  This year of you get to the round-of-16 at a regional and lose your first consolation match, you get 24-national points.  Last year that same person got 70.  That is a huge difference!

The new Tables, which were unanimously approved by the USTA Junior Competition Committee in September with the support of the USTA Player Development Staff, have been revised in two significant ways:

• The point distribution has changed so that ranking points are awarded in a more
progressive manner. Players who advance to the later rounds of a tournament will receive
substantially more points than players who lose in the earlier rounds.

• The total points earned for winning a Level 1 National Ranking tournament, such as a
USTA National Championship, have been significantly increased. The points earned for
winning Level 4 and Level 5 tournaments have been reduced slightly, but remain higher
than when the PPR system was introduced in 2004.

Who will this change affect?
The change will affect every player who competes in tournaments that count for national ranking. This is a very positive change for players and will reward players who advance to the later rounds of these tournaments.

How will Section tournaments that count for national ranking be affected?
The ranking points earned at the 12 tournaments each Section designates as Levels 3, 4 and 5 will be reduced. This change is an acknowledgment of the inherent flaw in having 17 Sections of different sizes and strengths feeding into one national ranking system. Although reduced, the adjusted ranking points remain higher than the points earned at these tournaments when the PPR system was introduced in 2004.

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