Eastern Section 12 and Under Rankings

Just as we did with the 10 and Unders, we are going to do a year end review of the 12 and Unders before the final rankings come out, based on the December 19th Standings List.

Looking at the Boy’s rankings, there is no way anyone could have gotten enough points after the December 19th list came out to pass #1 Jeff Zucker of Short Hills, NJ.  He was comfortably ahead of George Gramatikov of Vestal, NY.  Jeff’s overall record for the year was 76-42.  Jeff and George met in last years Designated Closed at Capital Region where George won 6-4, 6-2.  At the time, Jeff was ranked 15th in the Section and George was ranked 24th.  These players have worked hard on improving their games.  R.J. Fresen, also of Short Hills, is a close third in the rankings.  R.J. came into last years Designated Closed ranked 29th.  After Fresen there is a big jump to #4 Ryan Goetz.  Ryan is the son of Matt and Chris Goetz, who were both top junior players from this area when growing up.  Not many points separate Sumit Sarkar of New York City and Alan Delman of Great Neck, NY at 5th and 6th respectively.

Nationally, the order is a little different.  The highest ranked Eastern boy is R.J.Fresen at #26.  He is followed by George Gramatikov who is 32nd in the nation.  Jeff Zucker follows closely behind at #34.  Ryan Goetz is 48th and the only other Eastern player in the top 100 is Alan Delman at 55th.  So far none of these players are signed up for the 12 and Unders in Albany but Geirge Gramatikov is signed up to play the 14’s at Tri City since he will turn 13 before the summer Nationals.

The following local players are ranked in the Boy’s 12 and Unders:

Ronan Jachuck – #27 (#778 Nationally)

Max Benson – #38  (#435 Nationally)

Conners O’Brien – #105,  Jon-Robert Corasanti – #112,  Aidan O’Brien – #161,  Rahul Akkem – #226,  David Romano – #268,  Pierce Snyder – #293, Evan Wagle – #312,  Elijah Poitzky – #325,  Curtis Farmer – #338,  Jonathan Frutschy – #352,  David Maher – #356,  Saraj Suresh – #357,  Edwin Yang – #429,  Nathaniel Friend – #459,  Tadd Long – #469,  Alexandre Demoly – #470

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Girl’s

 12’s are more tightly bunched with #1 Sarah Rahman (East Elmhurst); #2 Stephanie Schrage (Milburn, NJ); #3 Rachel Lim (Briarcliff Manor, NY); and #4 Lauren Haukova (Elmsford, NY).  Less than 240 points separates 1st place from fourth place.  Then there is another 200 points between 4th place and 5th / 6th – Marcella Cruz (Marlboro, NJ) / Aleksandra Bekirova (Brooklyn, NY).  Of these players, only Stephanie Schrage played Albany last year and she won the tournament.  So far, only Bekirova is signed up for this years tournament.

Here are the local players with Girls 12 and Under Sectional rankings:

Christina Lau – 92nd; Sarah Corasanti – 110th; Julia Laurilliard – 140th; Elise Wagle – 180th; Jacqueline Bornt – 206th

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