This Weeks top tennis tweets

Rafa’s got a brand new bag

Rafael Nadal debuted a new tennis bag (on account of forgetting his regular one). It has wheels … and its own Twitter account.

Nadal’s trolley bag kills me. Looks like he’s navigating ohare, heading to Cedar Rapids for the big trade show.

Need a new alarm song. Mine is currently Hold On by Wilson Phillips. Who’d have thought you could get sick of Wilson Phillips?

Alla Kudryavtseva takes a shot at Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s name for their baby.

On the subject of famous people… Blue Ivy is a good name for a child?Is it even a pretty plant?Despite the fact that’s its a parasite?

Mats Merkel, a regular hitting partner for Wozniacki, reminisces about Caro’s tall tale about being attacked by a kangaroo last year.

There is finally footage of the epic attack of a kangaroo against @CaroWozniacki@adidastennis

From Sports Illustrated “Beyond the Baseline” blog – CLICK HERE FOR AL OF THE TWEETS

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