14 and Unders – Year End Rankings

This article looks at the year end Eastern Section Rankings for the Boys and Girls 14 and Unders.


Jessica Livianu of Brooklyn, NY is the #1 player in the Girls 14’s.  She has almost a 300 point lead over 2nd place Madison Battaglia of Cold Springs Harbor, NY.  Just 15 points back is another Jessica – Jessica Golovin.  Almost 300 points farther back is Arnelle Sullivan, also of Brooklyn. Less than 10 points behind her is Jacquline Urbinati of Harrison, NY. Anna Ulyashchenko of Brooklyn is 6th in the Section but has the highest National ranking of any Eastern Girl’s 14 and Under – she is ranked 46th nationally.  Livianu is 58th; Battaglia is 69th; Golovin is 51st; Sullivan is 143rd and Urbinati is 67th.

Local players who are ranked are:

Nisha Detchprohm (75)

Mia Fallati (97)

Lesley Santos (119); Ann Phillips (127); Mia Dicaprio (138); Julianne Melita (142); Christina Lau (197); Nadia Suguitan (199); Grace Oliver (246); Victoria Pelligrino (249); Margaret Kallus (271); Emily Farrell (332); Mackenzie Spross (334); Aubrey Hodnett (338); Juliana Rosati (339)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Mwendwa Mbithi of Succasunna, NJ is #1 in the Boys 14 and Unders.  This talented player compiled a record of 129-67 last year often playing in the upper age groups including a finals appearance at the Level 1 Spring Tournament at Capital Region where he played in the 16’s where he lost in the finals to Artem Khrapco. He teamed with Kraphko to win the doubles.  Close behind at #2 is Brendon Volk of Dix Hills, NY.  Brendon’s record was 71-45 for the year. He went to the round of 16 at Winter Nationals.  James Wasserman of New York City is right behind him.  He also went to the round of 16 at Winter Nationals.  Robert Levine of Bedford, NY and Alexander Lebedev of Island Park, NY round out the top 5.  only 167 points separates 1st and 5th in this age group.  Michael Chen of Holmdel, NJ is 6th in the rankings.  All of these players have good National Rankings.

Lebedev (24); Wasserman (25); Volk (30); Chen (34);  Levine (45); Mbithi (46)

Local players who are ranked are:

Alex Fedorov (78)

Michael Haelen (84)

Anthony O’Connell (103); Jason Tang (143); Nick Lau (150); Jonas Lindholm-Uzzi (209); Max Benson (240); Michael Zhu (279); Jeffrey Shen (282); Ziqing Dong (308); Jeffrey Martin (312); Alex Demetreus (314); Albert Lee (356); Ritwik Mishra (359); Rafael Ortega (370); Jack DeRizzo (404); Danny Jasarevic (420); Larry Matt (428); Matt Jonas (434); Michael Zhang (435); Justin Hsu (439); Scotty Bruce (481); Nick Spoor (511); Ronan Jachuck (545); Danial MacCormick (558); Josh Sagaille (603)

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