The Beauty Of It All

From “Parenting Aces”

a little perspective from Barry Buss:

The beauty of our sport is there is no right way to ‘do’ it… The confounding thing about our sport is there is no right way to ‘do’ it. Two handed one handed cross handed double handled…eastern western continental grips…semi this full that under spin over spin extreme spin no spin…oversized standard sized poly gut blend… 70 lbs 40 lbs, baseliner serve and volleyer grinder bomber… Male female black white brown yellow, grass clay hard carpet, singles doubles mixed team… junior senior pro am… Coach player trainer agent….so many different hats one can wear.. Our common ground is our love for our sport…try as we might, it’s with us til the end.. We are lifers.. Fans to our deepest inner core… trying with all our might to make sense of it all..

..Oliver rochus is ranked 54 th in the world.. Ivo karlovic is ranked 57th.. Rochus is 5’3… Karlovic is 6’10… Rochus has a career record of 2-1 vs Karlovic…

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