2012 Year End Rankings – 16 and Under

This is the next to last article on the year end junior rankings.  We have covered the 10’s, 12’s and 14’s.  16 and Under rankings are the most important for those that want to play college tennis and especially for those who are looking to get a tennis scholarship.  This is what many college coaches look most closely at.  Most players play only one year in the 18’s because they go away to college.  Some players take a break when they get accepted into college.  It’s not uncommon for a player to have his or her best ranking in the 18’s because the field is so much smaller.  So who are the best 16 and Under players in the Eastern Section? Read on!

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Jamie Loeb - From the Ossining Patch

Just how good is Jamie Loeb – Ossining, NY?  Ever since the 12 and Unders I am used to seeing Jamie on the top of her age group.  For the latest Girls 16 and Under standings Jamie is 1st with 3202 points.  Lexi Borr- Westfield, NJ –  is a distant second with 2074 points.  Louisa Chirico – Harrison, NY – is third with 1975 points.  Katharine Fahey – Fair Haven, NJ; Luisa Fernandez – Pittsford, NY and Valerie Shklover – Fair Lawn, NJ  are all bunched together.  Luisa Fernandez is the only one playing the upcoming Sectional Tournament at Sportime.  Nationally, Jamie is ranked 3rd, Lexi is ranked 12th, Louisa is 30th, Valerie is 89th, Luisa is 102nd and Katherine is 216th.

Loeb Chrico and Borr also have world rankings.  Jamie is 753 in the world and Louisa is 887 in the world.  Lexi Borr is 985.

Local players with Eastern Sectional Rankings are:

Claire Schmitz is the highest ranked Northern Regional player at 34th and she is ranked 616th Nationally.  After Claire is Shannon Mukerji – 89th.  Other Northern Regional players with Girls 16 Sectional Rankings are:

Ella Lindholm-Uzzi (127); Hannah Friend (147); Jordan General (194); Nisha Detchprohm (197); Mia Dicaprio (205); Ann Phillips (216); Carriianna Voellm (236); Chassidy King (240); Gabriela Peda (253); Stephanie Behrens (255); Keishorea Armstrong ( 257); Christina Lee (289); Kaitlyn Healy (317); Madeline Locke (326); Emma Morrissey (366); Ooha Kambhampati (374); Samantha Blond (392); Katherine Quinn (393); Alexandra Clark (394); Julianne Melita (399); Catherine MacCormick (402) and Alexis Casso (403)

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Noah Rubin - from ElHeraldo - Colombia

Now for the Boys 16 and Unders.  Shawn Hadavi of Dobbs Ferry, NY is the top 16 and Under player in the Eastern Section.  Next is Ncholas Podesta – Rumson, NJ.  The next five players are tightly bunched; Josh Yablon – New York City; Noah Rubin – Rockville Centre, NY; Sam Swank – Bedford, NY; Josh Silverstein – Great Neck, NY and Matt Nardella – Manlius, NY.  Sam Lam of Old Westbury, NY is 8th and Nicholas Crystal of Waccabuc, NY is 9th.

Most of these players have good National Rankings in the top 100. Nicholas Crystal is 13th in the Nation; Josh Silverstein is 34th;  Josh Yablon is 36th; Matt Nardella is 39th; Samuel Lam is 63rd; Sam Swank is 86th.  In addition, Daniel Kerznerman of Brooklyn is ranked 29th Nationally and Vihar Shah is ranked 59th.  Their Sectional Rankings are not as high because they play mostly national tournaments, not Eastern Sectional tournaments.

Some of these players have appeared in this blog before.  We have written about Noah Rubin several times in the past.  I first set eyes on Noah when he was an 8 year old at Eastern Excel Tennis Camp on Long Island.  I have brought kids down there several times.  Noah’s big tie to our area is his dad Eric – a graduate of the University at Albany.  Noah is currently ranked #1 in the country in the 16 and Unders and he is still a month shy of his 16th birthday, which means he has a whole year of eligibility left in the 16’s.  Noah is also ranked 28th in the world – quite a fete for a 15 year old.  ITF rankings do not go by age group, it’s just one big list for all ages.  Noah has only played 7 ITF tournaments so his ranking is likely to go up.  I look forward to seeing how high he can go.  Nicholas Crystal is 727th in the world while Sam Swang is 1577th.  As you can see this is a very talented group of Eastern players.

That’s not to say we don’t have a good group of juniors in our own Northern Region.  We have:

Josh Jachuck – 64th

Emerson Kelby – 67th

Rohin Bose – 110th; Lars Olson – 114th; Matt Bunch – 151st; Alex Fedorov – 229th; Russel Santos – 251st; Peter Campito – 260th; Nick Lau – 254th; Matthew McCall – 377th; Vishnu Kakuturi – 382nd; Jonas Lindholm-Uzzi – 397th; Bryce Recer – 486th; Sanjay Achar – 490th; James Anania – 502nd; Ned Faist – 548th; Max Benson – 624th; Nick Mashuta – 629th; Anthony O’Connell – 630th and Gabriel Freiberg – 653rd.

I will be updating tournament results for these players in the next few days.


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ITF Junior International – USTA Spring

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