Life on the WTA tour with Robin Fenlon

The “On the Go Tennis” Blog featured Robin Fenlon who has had a hand in most of the video posted by the WTA.  Fenton was himself a popular BMX athlete.  Below are excerpts from the blog and some additional material.

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Here is a video of Robin Fenlon – with Sebastion Keep – during his BMX Days

Monday, February 13, 2012 at 10:06AM

I met Robin for the first time at a pre-US Open Nike event featuring Serena Williams.  I was trying to vie for a spot close to the stage when I felt someone’s camera tap my cheek from behind, (the nerve!) but before I could turn around and rip into the person that was invading my personal space I heard, “Sorry if my camera tickled you” in an English accent, and my less than honorable intentions, (I was having a bad day) melted away on the spot.

I have only chatted with Robin in person twice, but from those two times I am convinced that he is the guy that other guys aspire to be and that girls fawn over.  He is reminiscent of a cross between Ryan Gosling and Danny Zuko; fashionable but masculine (he rocks pink shorts yet is a professional BMX rider), confident but not conceited, charming but not pretentious, and did I mention that he has an English accent?

For over a year he has lived his life on the WTA tour, and if you have enjoyed any of the WTA videos and photos that have been released during that time, he has had his hand in most of them.  He is a nomad, an adrenaline junkie, and an artist.  He lives a life that most of us dream about but don’t have the talent (or the balls) to do.  Please, let me introduce you to Robin Fenlon:
Here is a video of Aga Radwanska hitting Fenlon in the head with a golf ball.

When did you start working for the WTA and how did the job come about? 

I started working for the WTA in August 2010.  My colleague from a previous job had just started to work there and asked me to do a day’s shoot in Eastbourne.  That turned into a three month contract, then a year, and now I am in my second year.

Could you tell us a little bit about your BMX career?

I started riding at sixteen years old.  It totally dominated my life, taking me first to places around my city, then the country, then the continent, and around the world.  I got the travel bug at an early age; loved how you could meet people from all over the world and have such a strong common bond.  I became a pro rider at nineteen and travelled to contests in Europe and America while juggling a full time job.

Merapi Volcano – Yogjakarta, Indonesia – Eruption Timelapse from Robin Fenlon on Vimeo.

Merapi Volcano – Yogjakarta, Indonesia – Eruption Timelapse from Robin Fenlon on Vimeo.

What countries have you traveled to so far with the WTA?

France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, China, Japan, Bali, Australia, USA, and Canada.

What has been your favorite experience on the tour so far?

The WTA Championships in Turkey was one of my favourite experiences.  It was so good to see how the fans embraced it.  They filled the venue, made signs, cheered for both sides.  When that happens the players feel the energy and it makes for such a great tournament.  Favourite experience?  I often book a few days in a location before or after the tournament so I get to explore.  In 2010 I stayed in Bali for a few days afterwards and flew to the next island to shoot an erupting volcano.  It was so exciting.  I set up timelapses to shoot the eruptions and rented a moped to go riding up the mountain.  It was a super fun experience.  I also ventured out to shoot the hurricane during US Open last year.  I suppose I like taking risks…

You may have seen this Snickers ad with Robin Fenlon

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