Exercises You Should Be Doing: The Pull-Through

This one is from the “Essential Tennis” blog and podcast page.

What it is:

This movement is designed to increase glute activation and develop posterior chain strength. Why, you ask is that important? Well, the prime movers in most sports that involve running around and explosive movement (LIKE TENNIS!) are the glutes and hamstrings. Look at an NFL running back – massive, thick legs and rear ends. It’s no accident that these guys have solid cabooses, either – they train the muscles that enable them to move fast as well as accelerate and decelerate properly. This is a great exercise for anyone who does not have good glute activation, is learning to deadlift properly, or is recovering from a low back injury and wants to train the posterior chain without any compressive or shear forces on the lumbar spine.


To view the entire article – CLICK HERE


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