Caroline Wozniacki shows Grace in a Bad Interview

To say there was a lack of preparation would be putting it mildly.  The interview starts out by saying she held the #1 Title for longer than almost any other player besides Serena Willaims (Steffi, Martina, Chrissy?).  At one point they talk about “Rory what’s his name?”  Even the accompanying article has wrong facts (it states ” has dozens of titles, including holding the No. 1 ranking for 67 straight weeks. This is the second-longest run as a No. 1 player, after only Serena Williams.” – she was #1 a total of 67 weeks, not 67 in a row.  She was #1 49 weeks in a row, Steffi Graf was #1 – 186 weeks in a row.  Here is the entire interview.  Below is a link to the online article and the video plus a link to the Wikipedia page on World #1’s.

Caroline Wozniacki :

This posting was based on an article on Sports Illustrated’s “Beyond the Baseline” blog.  A good place to go for interesting tennis stories.  The blog is written by Courtney Nguyen.  Before she washired by Sports Illustarted she had her own blog called Forty Deuce.  If you look backyou will find a bunch of articles on this blog based  on her work.
Beyond the Baseline –

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