2012 Men’s Doubles Championships

At the end of the 2012 Adult Tournament calendar season, the Northern Region will be hosting an invitation-only doubles tournament for the top 8 teams in the Capital District.  These teams will automatically include the winners of 5 prestigious events throughout the area; the remaining teams will be invited based on their sectional ranking.  The five tournaments with automatic qualifiers into the Doubles Championships are:


  • Tri-City Memorial Day Championships, May 26-27, at Tri-City Fitness
  • John Richardson / Barry Mandell Memorial Tournament, June 23-24, at Sportime
  • Kathryn O’Keefe Memorial Tournament, August 4-5, atGlens FallsTennis & Swim Club
  • TriCountyOpen, September 1-3, atRidgefieldPark
  • Christmas Championships, December 1-2, at Tri-City Fitness




The Doubles Championships will be held at Tri-City Fitness on December 15-16, with a round robin format on Saturday, and the semi-finals and finals on Sunday.  If a player qualifies with more than one partner, they will have the choice of which partner to play with; partners can not be substituted.  This event will be overseen by the Northern Region Adult Competition Committee.



Do you think you and your partner are among the best teams in the area?  It’s time to find out!!

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