Roger Federer – 8 Records Beyond his Reach

John Isner at the 2009 US Open

John Isner at the 2009 US Open (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure about the title but Bleacher Report has a new slide show about Roger Federer and records that he doesn’t have.  The title talks about records beyond his reach but he is certainly within reach of some of them and will probably set some of them.  Certainly Roger Federer will never probably never each the most aces in a single match.  First place is John Isner with 113 and second place is Nicholas Mahut with 103.  Obviously, it took an 11 hour match to set that record.  Meanwhile, Wayne Ferreira holds the record for consecutive Grand Slam appearances (56).  Federer stands at 49 so he has to play all of the slams this year and all of the slams next year to tie.  He would own the record if he makes it to the 2014 Australian Open without missing a slam.  To see the entire Slide Show – CLICK HERE

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