Keeping up with Joey Milstein

Joey Milstein is a 6’2″ Senior from Guilderland who usually plays 4 singles and #3 doubles at Oneonta State.  His record is currently 6-3 in singles and 6-3 in doubles.  His career record is 15-6 in singles and 20-8 in doubles.  Joey has made the SUNYAC Commissioner’s List.  To qualify for the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Commissioners Award you have to be a student athlete, who competed the entire season and has a minimum GPA of 3.3 for 3 semesters at the same institution.  Joey also made the All Academic Team in the Spring of 2010.   Joey played most of his college tennis career under coach Bill May who had a record of 132-70 over his seven year career at Oneonta.  On February 13th Coach May was officially introduced as the new Head Tennis Coach at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and Joey got a new coach – Lonnie Mitchel.  ” It really was not a difficult transition”, says Milstein. “Our new coach took an approach that kept a lot of the routines we were used to and modified them in a way that has helped our team dramatically.  We did not know (Coach May) was looking.   But at the same time I was not surprised.  I am very happy for Coach May and I wish him the best at his new job.”

Choosing the right college is always a difficult process.  Choosing one where you can play on the tennis team and still get the academics you want makes it even harder.  Oneonta is a small school.   “Individualized attention is definitely the largest advantage to being at a small school. I have been able to form excellent relationships with my peers, professors and administrators. A disadvantage is that our team is not in a conference so it is difficult to qualify for nationals.”

I asked Joey about his best college match.  “My best match of college tennis was versus Bethel. We pulled out a 9-8 win in doubles followed by me winning 10-8 in a supertiebreak in singles and our team won 8-1. The match had great sportsmanship on both sides which made it enjoyable to watch.”

Joey has always been enthusiastic about the sport.  With just one more road match left this season and seven home matches and Joey could not be happier.  ” I am hoping I can get a lot more of my friends to come watch and experience a tennis match.”

Joey has also co-created a website/blog which helps college students understand current events in 400 words or less. He started it with a friend he met from Study Abroad.

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