Jon Wertheim Interviews Andy Murray

With all that’s going on and all I have to write about on the tennis blog I was going to pass this up but I just had to include it on the blog.  Jon Wertheim – who writes the “Inside Tennis” blog and podcast at Sport’s Illustrated interviewed Andy Murray.  Here are a few excerpts.  I recommend the reading the whole interview or listening to the podcast (both links are below).

Jon Wertheim: You’ve always seemed to really have a fondness for the U.S. You seem to like it here?

Andy Murray: Yeah, I always really liked the people. The first time I came over I started liking New York because of the way the juniors got treated. I loved the U.S. Open. They treated the juniors really, really well. The first time I stayed in a really nice hotel was during the U.S. Open juniors.

You think you have one rival, three rivals, or no rivals? Or 147 rivals?

Yeah, there’s a lot of rivals. But Rafa and Novak are probably my main rivals because of the age, the amount of times I’ve played against them, the amount of times I’m probably likely to play against them. Roger I’ve played against a lot as well, but probably those two I view as being my main rivals.

It’s funny, I used to practice with Rafa a lot. We had some unbelievable practices. I would have loved to have watched some videos of some of the practices we had. I’ve lost some tough matches, and not every match I’ve played against him has been ultra-close, but I’ve played matches against him that have been very, very close as well. We always seem to play, normally, good tennis against each other. I also practice with Novak a lot, but the intensity in the practice isn’t quite the same as it is with Rafa. But I tried to avoid all that in the last year or so.

Read the Whole Interview HERE
or listen HERE

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