Sloane Stephens

The 10sWorld blog has a good interview with American Sloane Stephens entitled ”


Here are a few excerpts.

When I asked if there were any ATP players who caught her eye, she seemed appalled. “Eew, no! They’re gross. They’re really gross.” she exclaimed – before finally admitting that a couple weren’t that bad. “(Gael) Monfils and (Fernando) Verdasco are my favorites,” she said with a smile. “At the Indian Wells player party Monfils and I danced for a while- but not like that. He’s so funny!”

Stephens, on the other hand, only had positive things to say about the current torchbearer of the WTA, number one Victoria Azarenka. ““I love Vika. You could tell me she sucks toes- I wouldn’t care,” she laughed. “She’s been nice to me since I met her for the first time. She and my mom are always chatting it up. People are always telling me they hate her- I don’t know why.”

Similarly, she only has nice things to say about Venus and Serena Williams. “They’re so sweet. They’re always so nice. Serena lives two streets over from me in LA. We talk all the time.” She seems so casual about it- so unfazed by the fact that her idols growing up are now her Fed Cup teammates. Mainly she just admires them for their competitive side- on and off the court.


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