Schoharie – Mohonasen Varsity Results

These were pro8’s. Schoharie’s score is given first e.g. 6-8 is an 8-6 win for Mohonasen.  Thee were some repeat players for Mohonasen.

Match ________________________ Mohonasen Mohonasen 8 Schoharie 1 Date 04/19/2012

Position Schoharie Opponent Set 1
1 Justin Camilleri Will Hoffman 6-8 M
2 Chris Anderson Jimmy Carmello 5-8 M
3 Nick Cross Mark Zarecki 3-8 M
4 Morgan Henry Chris Cimino 6-8 M
5 Gavin Berdan Matt Hanson 9-7 S
6 Tyler Shultz Russoi 0-8 M
1st Doubles Madison Wellman/Justin Montione A Volen/ M Russoi 4-8 M
2nd Doubles Matheus Fariar/Allen Rossetti A. Sicilia/ M Glasser 0-8 M
3td Doubles Kyle Rockwell/Tyler Arnold-Brown Sicilia/Glasser 1-8 M

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