USTA Leagues – New Age Divisions for 2013

USTA League is changing its structure and format for the 2013 National Championships, which affects many League seasons in 2012. Gone are the monikers “Senior” (50 & over) and “Super Senior” (60 & over), replaced instead by a more representative grouping based on age.

USTA Leagues

Under the new structure, the USTA League National Championships will fall under just two divisions—Adult and Mixed. The Adult Division will be broken down into 18 & over, 40 & over, and 55 & over with a potential 65 or 70 & over league type considered for the future. Sections are encouraged to add a 65 or 70& over league type locally. The Mixed Division will be 18 & over, which is the same as the previous format, with the potential to add a 40 & over league type in the future. As they had previously, players will continue to compete by NTRP rating within each division.

The New / The Old

The New starting age group is called Adult 18 & Over. / The Old starting age group was called Adult.  Both groups start at age 18.   The New middle age group is called Adult 40 & Over. / The Old middle age group was called Seniors and started at age 55.  The Newest age group will be called Adult 55 & Over.  /  The old Super Seniors were age 60 and Over.

But Why?

According to the USTA “The decision to change the structure was made to better distribute USTA League participants among the three age categories…  Existing data research, player surveys and player focus groups clearly indicated a need for age restructuring in order to provide more competitive match play.”

2 responses

  1. i’m actually signed up to play on a 40-and-over team this summer and am pretty excited about it! i’ve always played on the regular adult team, which was fine, but i think the new age divisions are going to be a good change.

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