April Rankings Update – 10 & 12 Juniors -Top 100 and more

Congratulations to all of the ranked Northern Regional junior tennis players.  This article will focus on players in the top 100 in their age group (10 and Unders / 12 and Unders).

Let’s start with the Girls.  In the Girls 12’s, Christina Lau  is ranked 75th, with 288 points.

In the Girls 10’s, Elise Wagle is currently ranked 20th.  That might change when the rankings come out again with her win in today’s Level 2 Tournament at Capital Region.  Julia Laurilliard is ranked 51st in the 10’s.  Rounding out the top 100 for local players are: Elizabeth Siebeneck (74), Christine Lee (82) and Anika Govindarajan.

In the Boys 12’s Ronan Jachuck is #19 and Max Benson is #30.  Ronan bounced back from a first round loss to #11 Cannon Kingsley in the March Sectional Closed at Lynnbrook to post wins in the backdraw over #42 Daniel Weitz and #22 Patrick Mahoney before losing to #14 Steven Sun.  Max plays the Finals of the Boys 16’s at Capital Region tomorrow but that will not affect his rankings.  Only the 6 best results count towards rankings and the Level 2 does not carry enough points to be one of Max’s 6 best.  At the Lynnbrook tournament Max drew 3rd seeded Gary Fishkin in the first round – a match which he lost.  In the backdraw he beat a qualifier – Michael Tyutyunik before losing to 28th ranked Michael Medvedev.  Ronan has a recent win over Medvedev at the Albany Sectional. Max also beat Ronan in the Albany Level 1 last month.  These two players go back and forth.  Both players have lost to Fishkin recently.  Next on the top 100 list is Jon-Robert Corasanti of New Hartford, NY at #78.  Conners O’Brien is close at #108.

Lastly, we have the Boy’s 10’s Ronan is #1 by a longshot in the 10 and Unders.  I should point out that results in the 12’s count towards the players 10’s rankings.  That said Ronan has 1454 points in the 10’s and Elliot Spizzirri has 778 at #2.  A lot of Ronan’s points have come by playing 12 and Under tournaments.  Ronan is eligible to play the 10 and Unders until the end of September.  Evan Wagle is ranked 41st in the 10 and Unders.  He is playing the 12 and Unders in this weekends Level 2 at Capital Region and will certainly move up if he wins tomorrow’s final against Edwin Yang.  If he losses, he will still gain points.


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