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Here are a few excerpts.

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This morning I could have sworn that I saw a quote from Roger Federer where he referred to early-round losers at the Grand Slams as “the left side of the draw.” I can’t find the line now in the interview he did with Swiss journalist Rene Stauffer, and he probably never said it, but I like the euphemism nonetheless.

If you’ve ever seen a practice session by one of the pros, you know that they pull off shots that they never even try during matches. On the one hand, it’s depressing to see how supernaturally skilled they are; on the other, you also realize that they get tight in matches just like we do. For instance, Andy Murray can often be seen ripping forehands without hesitation when he’s working out, and then playing them much more safely later the same day when he’s out there for real. I was curious to see today whether Murray would try, if he got ahead, to bridge that gap and work on being more aggressive during live points.

All of which, in its way, shows why Nadal is better in the big matches than Murray is: He can up his game in the later rounds. In the Monte Carlo final against Djokovic, Rafa went after all of his shots—serve, forehand, backhand, return—with more conviction and aggression than he did today.

Read the entire article – HERE

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