High School Tennis Results – April 28

Foothills Council Boys Tennis Championships
@ Queensbury High School
Saturday, April 28, 2012

SINGLES (seeds next to player name)
#3Christian LeVielle (SG) def #4 Josh Silverberg (Q) 10-5
Mike Marotta (Glov) def Scotty Bruce (Glov) 10-8

#2 Rob Schmitz (SG) def Marrotta (Glov) 10-0
#1 Mitch Burhoe (GF) def #3 LeVielle (SG) 10-1

#2 Rob Schmitz (Scotia-Glenville) def #1 Mitch Burhoe (Glens Falls) 6-3, 5-7, 7-6 (4)

#1 Ligon/Beckham (Glov) def Breda/Cirelli (Q) 10-5
#4 M. Ashcroft/Culora (SG) def Rich/Reed (HF) 10-9 (4)
#3 A. Ashcroft/Keegan (SG) def Smith/Nygard (South High) 10-4
Gargulio/Blanchard (Glov) def #2 Weinberger/Greenier(South High) 10-7

#3 Adam Ashcroft/Aaron Keegan (SG) def Kyle Gargulio/Matt Blanchard (Glov) 10-7
#1 Nate Ligon/Andrew Beckam (Glov) def Matt Ashcroft/Josh Culora (SG) 10-5

#1 Ligon/Beckam (Glov) def A.Ashcroft/Keegan (SG) 6-0, 6-2
Match Notes
Rob Schmitz captured his 2nd consecutive Foothills Council Singles Championship Title


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