Slicers Take 18B Junior Team Tennis Crown

The Slicers – 18b Southern Division champs – finished their local league season with a sweep of the Northern Division Champion Saratoga Storm and a 36-19 win.  The Slicers went through the entire season without losing a match.  Next up for the Slicers is a Saturday match at the Turning Stone Casino courts against the winner of the Verona League – the Raptors. The Raptors also finish their season without losing a match.  The winner of Saturday’s playoff between the Slicers and the Raptors will advance to the Sectional Championships.

Slicers 36 –   Saratoga Storm 19

GIRLS DOUBLES – Eunu Song/Lesley Santos (Slicers) def. Sally O’Toole/Emily Parrish (Storm) 6-5 (5-4)

BOYS DOUBLES – Salil Chaudhry/Jay Gu (Slicers) def. J.D. Towers/Sam Hyatt (Storm) 6-4

GIRLS SINGLES – Alyssa Frost (Slicers) def. Emily Shaver (Storm) 6-2

BOYS SINGLES – Jimmy Ding (Slicers) def. Luc Cianfarani (Storm) 6-3

MIXED DOUBLES – Lesley Santos/Salil Chaudhry (Slicers) def. Emily Parrish/Sam Hyatt (Storm) 6-3

MIXED DOUBLES – Alyssa Frost/Jay Gu (Slicers) def. Sally O’Toole/J.D. Towers (Storm) 6-2

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