Slicers 36, Raptors 14

Verona, NY – The Slicers, a team out of Sportime, traveled to the Tennis Center at the Turning Stone Casino to play the Raptors for the chance to represent the Northern Region at Sectionals.  The Raptors play their home matches on the Turning Stone courts.  Both teams went into the match undefeated.  In the end, it was the Slicers who prevailed.  Here are the individual match results:


Girls Doubles – Tori Pellegrino & Colleen Moore (R) def. Lesley Santos Eunu Song (S) 6-0

Boys Doubles – Salil Chaudhry & Jay Gu (S) def. Paul Ziarko & Eric Day (R) 6-0

Girls Singles – Alyssa Frost (S) def. Jessie Flaim 6-1

Boys Singles – Jimmy Ding (S) def. Matt McCall (R) 6-3

Mixed Doubles 1 – Salil Chaudhry & Lesley Santos (S) def. Ian Yahnke & Samantha Brown (R) 6-1

Mixed Doubles 2 – Alyssa Frost & Jay Gu (S) def. Lee Cudney & Colleen Moore (R) 6-3

Congratulatons to both teams for making it to the championships.


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