Tennis Etiquette

United States Tennis Association

United States Tennis Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good article on the “Parenting Aces” blog about the Do’s and Don’ts of being a spectating parent at a tennis event.  Some rules are different section to section.  for Example, we are in the Eastern Section where it is 3 points for a 1 month suspension not 10 points for a 3 month suspension but the point system is also different.  The 10 point suspension system is used by national and by some of the sections.  Sectional points do not count towards national suspensions but the section may count national points towards their suspensions.

Additionally, it should be noted that it is the players tournament.  The player should check in, not the parent.  Some tournaments do not count the player as checked in and ready to play unless they come to the tournament desk personally.  The player who wins should also be the one who reports the scores and returns the balls to the tournament desk.  Players need to listen to all instructions given when they go out on the court.  They need to know if one or both players are to come back to the tournament desk, they need to know the scoring system being used – personally I say that to both players when they are going out on the court instead of having players ask me at random.  Here are some additional resources for rules in our area and a link to the Parenting Aces article:

Tennis Etiquette

USTA Eastern Player Rules

USTA Eastern Rules for Tournaments


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