Understanding the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Tennis Shoes

I found this article on the “Doittennis.com” blog.  Here are some excerpts.

Other than the likeliness of the color pink being involved in the styling, there are far less obvious differences. The main difference between men’s and women’s shoes is the width.

The width also differs in the toe box, with men’s shoes being wider and more squared off at the toes and women’s shoes being narrower and rounded off into an oval shape at the toes.

That is why when purchasing a women’s shoe, it is important to find one with good midsole stabilizers to compensate.

It’s a short read, but there is good information.  I recommend reading the article before you buy your next pair of women’s tennis shoes.

Read the whole post here:

Understanding the Differences between Men’s and Women’s Tennis Shoes

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