In the Players Own Words – Part 2

Last week during Boys High School States I had an article where I interviewed some of our local high school tennis players who had qualified for States.  They talked about on what it’s like to be at States .  For this article I talked to kids – mostly from out of our area – who play tournament tennis.  I wanted to get the thoughts of tournament players who don’t usually play tennis as a team sport.  This article is from our conversations.

Dennis Sult (Newburgh), a frequent visitor to our area who has qualified for States before had this to say.  “I like being on a team.  It makes the sport a lot more fun – the experience is a lot more fun.”  Dennis would like to see the USTA do something with a travel team.

There were two 7th graders from Newburgh who also qualified for States.  Tyler Reede has played  a bunch of my tournaments.  He compared high school tennis to tournaments.  “Everyone helps each other out.  You have more support.”  His doubles partner – 7th grader Jarrett Monte described states as “fun, cool and exciting.”

Jordan Benjamin of Fairport – just outside of Rochester –  echoed their thoughts.  “Teammates get to help you during your match.  You have your teammates and other kids cheering you on.”  He went on to say that high school tennis is “more fun and you are more free, plus you get to see different kids.”

I also talked to Stefan Kuhar of Albany Academy.  Stefan was the #7 seed at States.  “I’ve gone to States since 8th grade, it was nice to get seeded as a senior.  I was very happy.  It’s strange that it’s the end of my high school tennis career.  It hasn’t sunk in yet, I’m going to miss it.”  Stefan is going to Dartmouth where he plans on playing club tennis.  “I want to continue my tennis career.  I have a lot of great memories and a lot more memories to make.”


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