Northern Region 14A’s & 18A’s come in Second

Two teams came close but in the end the Northern Region was shut out at the Junior Team Tennis Sectionals.  Soups featuring Christina Lau, JasonTang, Lesley Santos, Juaquin Rossen, Michael Zhu & Nisha Detchprohm finished with a 2-1 record.  The Junior NY Buzz finished second despite 1-2 record.  Standing were determined by individual games won, not by atches and in games they were 63-56.  The Buzz featured Claire & Robert Schmitz, Emerson Kelby, Cat Crummey, Molly Goodman, Mitali Das and Josh Jachuck.  The other Northern teams got shut out at Sectionals.  We are proud of how all of these teams represented the Northern Region.

As part of the event, each team was required to decorate a banner.  Awards were given for the the best banner.  Here are some of the banners including one from the Northern Region, the players party and some other pictures from the USTA Eastern web site.

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12 & Unders – Top Spots Black

14 & under Intermediate – Basking Ridge

14 & Under Advanced – Richmond Racquets

18 & Under Intermediate – JAMF Drop Shots

18 & Under Advanced – NJTL

USTA Web Site Article – HERE


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