ESPN Magazine tells “How Novack Djokovic Harnessed the Untapped Powers of His Body”

By Eli Saslow | ESPN The Magazine      

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine’s July 23, 2012 Body Issue. Subscribe today!

IT’S A COVETED day off in the middle of a tournament that will last two weeks and require him to play more than 20 hours of tennis, and Novak Djokovic is jogging into the Paris heat for his third workout of the day. He has already finished a morning hit-around. He has already stretched, drunk his recovery fluids, visited with a trainer, received a massage, talked about strategy with his coach and performed his yoga. Now comes another 90-minute practice on the red clay of Roland Garros, where Djokovic has arrived in late May with a chance to become the first man in 43 years to win four straight grand slams.

But no sport has advanced in the past decade like men’s tennis, where a rivalry among three once-in-a-generation players has accelerated the game’s evolution. First Roger Federer, then Rafael Nadal, now Djokovic — progression in the form of a battle royal. “It could end up that these are the three best players of all time,” says Chris Evert, who won 18 grand slams. They hit with enough topspin to swing as hard as they want. They defend well enough to retrieve shots that were once certain winners.

Read the entire article – HERE.  It is very well written and very interesting.

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