BG12 Zonals – Play Begins

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Today was the first day of match play.  As a zonal coach I have always stressed “team” but this group has seemed to come together faster than my teams have in the past.  It usually takes a day or two but these players seem to understand the team concept from Day 1.  I think it has a lot to do with their attitudes.  These are some of the comments I got when I asked my players about zonals.

“I like zonals because it’s all about teamwork and it’s about having fun.”Andrea Cerdan

“It’s a great experience.  It’s fun to have a team and cheer for them.”Daniel Pellerito

“It’s a great time to be with your friends. Instead of playing against them, you are playing with them.”  – Satish Kumar

“I like zonals because it’s fun working as a team.”Brigitte Wu

“It’s a great privilege and a great opportunity  to be on a team with my friends.”Henry Hochfelder

“Marvelous experience and a good change up to be on a team rather than being by yourself.”Michael Sun

The other players on my team – The EASTERN FREEDOMS – are: Oren Vasser, Joshua Berman, Lea Ma, Lauren Munari, Nathalie Rodilosso and Maya O’Brien.

The EASTERN BREAKERS features: Michelle Sorokko, Jennifer Yu, Alexa Goetz, Brianna Omar, Gabriella Price, Shelly Yaloz, Cannon Kingsley, Daniel Nuzhny, Patrick Sebastion, Zachary Lieb, Derek Raskopf and Abhinav Srivastava.

The EASERN STRINGS is made up of: Gary Fishkin, Luke Smith, Harris Walker, Sam Vagner, Maxwell Benson, Damian Ruparel, Dasha Kourkina, Nicole Semenov, Anastasia Koniaev, Lilyana Grantcharova, Olivia Scordo and Adina Radu.

Chelsea Willaims, Samantha Lugtu, Mackenzie Kachkarov, Ashley Lessen, Christina Huynh, Steven Sun, Ronan Jachuck, William Turchetta, Ronald Hohmann, Benjamin Grossman and Billy Suarez make up the EASTERN KIXX team.

Each day we play a match consisting of 2 Mixed Doubles, 2 Boys Doubles and 2 Girls Doubles.  The doubles matches are 8 game pro sets, with adds, with a tiebreaker at 8-8.  Afterwards, we play singles – 6 Boys singles and 6 Girls singles.  The singles are full 2 out of 3 set matches with adds and a full third set.  There are 2 flights with 6 teams in each flight.  Matches continue until Saturday, at which time the scores are tallied up to determine a winner of Flight A and a winner of Flight B.  Those two teams play off on Sunday (singles only) for the Gold and Silver medals.  Other than the Championship match, teams from the same section will not play each other.  The teams that are not in the Championship Match are paired up  for a final match on Sunday, with the #2 from Flight A playing the #2 from Flight B playing each other,  the #3’s from each flight playing each other and so on down the line.  If teams from the same USTA Section end up in the same position in their flight the matches are adjusted so that the teams from the same Section will not play.  After that, it’sSawards and we go home.  stop back tomorrow and read more about zonals.  Here are the links to the tournament homepages of all of the Zone team Championships with Eastern Players:

BG12 National Zone Team Championships 

BG14 National Zone Team Championships 

BG16 National Zone Team Championships 

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  1. Thrilled with your awesome comments on the tennis Peter and thank you to You , Dr Sun and all the players and parents for taking Josh for us and making him feel so comfortable! And hi from London we just landed and nice to have our first break in a long time! Thanks again and look forward to the updates !! David and Sara BERMAN

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