Zone Team Championships – The Finals & the other Age Groups

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I’m happy to say my team won but everybody who played had a good time and played a lot of tennis.  Zonals is a unique experience where the kids can compete and still have a great time with each other.  Win or Lose, it’s exciting being on a team.  The other Eastern teams also won their playoff round matches.  Congratulations to all the players from the Eastern Section.

I want to thank all of my players for their efforts and team spirit.  I also want to thank all of the parents for they did throughout the week for me and for the players.

The Eastern Freedoms Chest Bump
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Congratulations also go out to the Eastern Team D in the 16 and Unders at Wake Forest University.  They won their competition in a matchup that came down to the tiebreakers as the teams went 9-9 in the championship round.  The winning Eastern Team consisted of (National Ranking is in parenthesis):  Win Smith (142), Mwendwa Mbithi (222), Jared Halstrom (757) , Richard Sec (286), Dylan Brittis-Tannenbaum (528), Jonathan Paris (618), Maddie Stearns (204), Arnelle Sullivan (384), Casey Marx (134), Sabrina Xiong (698), Sabrina Faybyshev (495) and Shayna Spooner (648).  The Eastern A team also won their playoff match.

In the 14’s at Western Michigan University at Kalamazoo there were no Eastern Teams in the Finals although all four Eastern teams won their playoff round matches.

Congratulations to all Eastern players who qualified for zonals and played so well and good luck in your future tennis matches.  Thanx to Amy Meadow for all the great pictures all week (and be sure to visit and look at all the great shots in their Junior Tennis 2011 Portfolio)

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BG12 National Zone Team Championships 

BG14 National Zone Team Championships 

BG16 National Zone Team Championships 

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