Tennis for the Blind

Yes, tennis can be played by blind students.  We are not talking about visually impaired or legally blind, tennis is being played by people who are completely blind.  Of course it is not with 120 mph serves on a 78 foot court with volleys, but it is great that the sport can be shared with people who can not actually see the ball.  Here is more.

Hitting the Court, With an Ear on the Ball

By     Published: June 4, 2012   in the New York Times online

WATERTOWN, Mass. — Dan Guilbeault was 3 when doctors discovered a tumor called an optic glioma pressed against his optic nerves. He continued to play the sports he loved — basketball, baseball and football — until he lost most of his sight at 11.

Now he is 19 and almost completely blind, and his favorite sport is tennis.

When he first heard about tennis for the visually impaired, his reaction was “No way!” he said. “I was skeptical.”

So were faculty members at the Perkins School for the Blind here, when a sighted student from nearby Newton proposed it nearly two years ago. But Perkins, known for athletic innovations like adapted fencing, decided to offer what are believed to be the first blind tennis classes in the country.

Learn his story – HERE

See the related video – (NOTE: video is different from the article although it goes along with it.  It is also different from the video below).

Some of the articles comments:

  • MSD    Boston

I can’t play at all and I can see. This is terrific! If they are having fun, great.

  • R. Vitale  Florida

It seems there is no limit to the human spirit especially with the help of caring others.

  • Pillai  Saint Louis, MO

I just want to take a moment and say that you guys are incredible, tennis or not. I am sorry you can’t see – but you do a better job of living than those who can, including me.

Huge respect.

See also: Playing by ear: Blind tennis, the smash from Japan  from CNN

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