Tennis Pals Ellison and Hurd Explored HP-Oracle Merger

Here are a few excerpts from the above article.  To read more: CLICK HERE

When Mark Hurd was still CEO of Hewlett-Packard, he and Oracle Larry CEO discussed a possible merger of the two companies.

It never amounted to a material negotiation, but it shows how close HP and Oracle once were. Ellison and Hurd were actually tennis buddies. But the relationship between the two companies soured when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and HP booted Hurd from its CEO post. The acrimony between the two tech giants culminated in March last year, when Oracle dropped support for HP’s business-centric Itanium servers.

Oracle’s CEO was interested in Sun’s software, but there was one thing in particular that he wanted: Java, a programming platform that has become important for many of the business applications that connect to Oracle’s database software. “That was certainly the linchpin of Oracle’s strategic interests,” Hurd said. “Sun had other software assets that were not as mature and certainly not market-leading.”

After Ellison pitched Hurd on the idea, he promised to look into it and get back to him. But the HP board shot it down.


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