If I Could Turn Back Time . . .

Another “Parenting Aces” Gem.

In this post, Lisa Stone talks about what she would do if she had could start tennis all over with her son’s tennis.  Lots of good advice in this column.  One example:

“I would interview several coaches before choosing one for my son.  I would also interview several of the parents of children training with those coaches to get their input on things such as time commitment, financial commitment, expectations, discipline, fitness training, nutrition training, communication (how good and how often), and accountability.  I would make sure that my son’s coach worked with him and me to devise a training and competition plan based on my son’s goals – which, by the way, the coach would insist that my son write down at the beginning of each year then revisit at least every 6 months.  I would insist on regular meetings with my son’s coach to gauge his progress.  If things weren’t moving in the right direction after a reasonable period of time, I would start my search again.”

Read the entire article – HERE

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