A few Tweets for August 10th

Steve Rushin@SteveRushin  (After graduating from Bloomington Kennedy High School in 1984 and Marquette University in 1988, Rushin joined the staff of Sports Illustrated. )

Watching volleyball, or as they’re now calling it, “indoor volleyball.” Like calling tennis “non-table tennis.” 

daniel kaplan@dkaplanSBJ (tennis, financial and NFL reporter for SportsBusiness Journal)

FCC denies Comcast stay request in Tennis channel case, comcast has 30 days to put TC on = footing w/ own sport channels. Lawsuit likely now 

Christine Simpson Christine Simpson@SNChrisSimpson (Sports Network reporter)

Novak Djokovic playing tennis witrh an umbrella during rain delay. Hilarious!!!! pic.twitter.com/0VT6ccDX

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Christopher Clarey@christophclarey (Tennis & global sport expert International Herald Tribune & NY Times. IHT chief sportswriter.)

Roger Federer is 31 & No. 1. A rare combination in #tennis


Samantha Steele@Samantha_Steele  (Current ESPN broadcaster)

Just interviewed golf hall of famer Tom Kite. When I asked him for tips for my golf game he said “you should play tennis.”


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