The Winner’s Mind: A Competitor’s Guide to Sports and Business Success

The Winner’s Mind: A Competitor’s Guide to Sports and Business Success is the latest book from Dr. Allen Fox.  Dr. Fox was himself, a great tennis player.  He played before the open era, before there was any money to be made as a touring tennis professional.  As a pro, Allen Fox was ranked as high as 4th in the country.  He was an NCAA Singles Winner and an NCAA Doubles winner.  He only lost two times in dual matches during his college career.  After his playing days were over Allen Fox turned to Coaching.  As Pepperdine University he coached future top 5 player Brad Gilbert and his teams had a combined individual match record of 368-108.  His teams reached the NCAA finals twice, the semi finals three times and the quarter final round six times.  Dr. Fox has been named to the Intercollegiate Tennis Associations Hall of Fame.

Dr. Fox was recently a guest on Parenting Aces – The Podcast.  There is a link below where you can listen to the episode.  You can also find it at the ITunes Store under UR10s.  here is also a link to the Amazon Web Page that features the Book.


CHAPTER 1: WHY DO WE WANT TO WIN? Winning a tennis match feels more important than it is because players are genetically wired to compete for position on the social hierarchy. The emotions of a tennis match resemble those of a fight. Players may realize that winning a match doesn’t really matter, but they will always want to win anyway.

For more Chapter Summaries Visit Allen Fox Tennis Website (Link Below)

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Editorial Reviews


“”Illustrates simple principles for success with fascinating stories about athletes, business people, and famous historical figures. It’s a fun read, and I couldn’t put it down.” –Vic Braden

About the Author

Allen Fox, PhD, is the author of If I’m the Better Player, Why Can’t I Win? and Think to Win: The Strategic Dimension of Tennis and a former editor of Tennis Magazine. In addition to being a world-class tennis player who was at one time ranked fourth in the United States, he has been an investment banker and a coach for the Pepperdine University tennis team. He currently consults and works privately with professional athletes on the mental issues of competition and travels worldwide to lecture on sports psychology. He lives in San Luis Obispo, California.

Parenting Aces Podcast Featuring Dr. Allen Fox
Amazon Home Page for the Book
Dr. Fox’s Web Site

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